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Generating Invoices

When you add or edit a tenant or one of their leases, Housters auto-generates old Invoices for the tenant, indicating how much rent was due in the past based on the lease terms. Housters will auto-generate new invoices for the tenant on the same schedule whenever rent is due in the future.

Invoices are simply a way to track how much rent was due and how much was paid. Invoices will not be sent to your tenants unless you choose to do so from the Send Invoice page.

Adding Rent Payments

To indicate that rent was paid, add a new rent payment transaction and select the appropriate tenant. This will update the amount paid on the oldest open rent invoice for that tenant. If the invoice is fully paid, it will be closed automatically. The rent status of the tenant will be updated to reflect the new payment.

Rent Status

A tenant's rent status is determined by calculating the amount still outstanding on all open rent invoices for the tenant. For example, if they have two open invoices, one with $1,000 due and $800 paid, and another with $1,000 due and $0 paid, their rent status will be $1,200 owed.

Invoice Adjustments

You can charge your tenant a late fee or give them a discount on their rent either by clicking the Adjust button next to a tenant's Unpaid Rent or by going to Invoices and choosing Increase Rent Due or Decrease Rent Due.