task management

Manage to-do lists per property, allow tenants to submit service requests, share to-do lists with vendors and allow them to invoice you.

to-do lists

Adding to-do's

Add to-do's and associate them to properties, tenants, and/or vendors.

Recurring to-do's

To-do's can be set up to repeat on an interval, such as monthly or yearly.


Set due dates for to-do's and Housters will generate alerts as the due date approaches.

Task Management for Landlords and Property Managers

tenant service requests

Submitting requests

After inviting tenants to Housters, they can login and submit service requests.

Viewing requests

Service requests can be viewed in your property to-do lists, associated with that tenant, and tagged as added by tenant.

Task Management for Landlords and Property Managers

assigning tasks to vendors

Inviting vendors

Add your vendors to Housters, assign to-do list tasks to them, then invite them to Housters.

Updating tasks

Invited vendors can log in to Housters, view to-do list tasks assigned to them, and update their statuses.


Vendors can email invoices to you requesting payment for completed work.

Task Management for Landlords and Property Managers

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