Leverage our robust accounting system to log your income and expenses, import transactions directly from your online accounts, perform reconciliations, set up recurring transactions, and more...

logging transactions

Categorizing transactions

Each transaction can be categorized as a certain type of income (e.g. rent payment), expense (e.g. repair), liability (e.g. mortgage principal payment), asset, equity, gain, or loss. You can also specify that the transaction was for a property or unit/tenant.

Multiple transaction lines

Split a transaction into multiple lines when you want to categorize parts of it separately. For example, an expense charge from Home Depot might be for multiple properties, or a rent payment deposit might be for multiple tenants.

International support

You can specify your currency as well as your date format, so Housters will work for you regardless of whether you're in the U.S. or abroad.

Accounting for Landlords and Property Managers

accounting modes

Accounting modes

We support single-entry, double-entry, and advanced double-entry accounting, allowing you to choose how in-depth you want to go.

Single-Entry: Input what the transaction is, such as a rent payment or a repair (shown on the right.)
Double-Entry: Also input where the money came from or went to, such as a bank account or credit card.
Advanced Double-Entry: Input all debits and credits for the transaction.

Accounting modes for Landlords and Property Managers

importing transactions

Don't want to log manually?

Set up a account and add your online bank, credit card, and mortgage accounts there, then Housters can import your transactions from Mint.

Import what you want

Rather than importing everything from Mint, you can choose which transactions were related to your rentals, categorize them, and choose the property and unit/tenant the transactions apply to.

Import transactions

account reconciliations

Reconcile against your account statements

Reconciliations allow you to ensure that what you logged in Housters matches what your bank account or credit card statements show.

Account reconciliations

recurring transactions

Automatically generate transactions

For routine transactions with fixed amounts such as rent payments, you can create recurring transactions on a set schedule and then Housters will create the transactions for you.

Mortgage payments

If you input your rental property's mortgage terms, Housters can auto-generate mortgage payment transactions for you based on the amortization schedule. This means that Housters can split the transaction into multiple lines and specify the principal, interest, and escrow amounts for you.

Mortgage payment recurring transactions

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