property management

Manage landlord contracts, track property management fees owed, send invoices, send and receive online payments from landlords, and more.

landlords and contracts

Managing landlords

Add landlords and specify which properties they own, their contract terms, and more.

Customizable contracts

Define how often property management payments are required and how much they need to pay, then Housters can auto-generate invoices whenever payments are due. All payment frequencies (monthly, weekly, daily, etc...) are supported.

Property Management for Property Managers

property management fees

Auto-calculate fees

Housters can calculate the property management fee amounts due, either as a fixed amount or a % of rent paid by tenants.

Who receives rent?

Customize payments due based on if you receive rent from the tenants first and then send on a portion to the landlord, or if the landlord receives rent from the tenants and then sends on fees to you.


Email invoices to tenants for rent due, and to landlords for property management fees due. Landlords can also invoice you, if you receive the rent from tenants.

Property Management for Property Managers

send online payments to landlords

Inviting landlords

Invite your landlords to log in to Housters and enable online payments.

Sending and receiving payments

Once you receive rent from tenants, you can then send on the landlord's portion to them from your bank account to theirs. If the landlord receive rent from tenants, they can send on your property management fees to you.

Property Management for Property Managers

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