It's tax time! Housters makes filing your taxes a breeze by tracking your taxable income, tax-deductible expenses, and rental-related trips. When signing up as a Landlord or Property Manager, enter promo code TAX2021 and get 30% off your monthly Housters subscription for the first year.


The free trial and monthly billing explained, plus the charity that 10% of profits are going towards.

Free trial

We're currently offering a free 3 month trial of Housters.


For Tenants and Contractors, Housters is free to use, permanently. For Landlords and Property Managers, after the free trial ends the Housters monthly subscription costs 1 per unit, with a maximum of 40.

Pricing Examples

  • If you own a 16 apartment building, your monthly subscription will be 16.
  • If you own three single family properties, your monthly subscription will be 3.
  • If you own two 50 apartment buildings, your monthly subscription will be 40.

What's a unit?

A unit is a separate living floor or space. A 20 apartment building would be 20 units, whereas a single family home would be 1 unit.

Your Housters Subscription is making a Difference

At Housters, we believe that we are blessed and that we should pass that blessing on to those who need it most. 10% of Housters' profits go directly to charity. For 2021, we're giving it away to the HANDS & FEET Project, which is helping care for Haiti's orphaned children.

HANDS & Feet Project

If you would like to learn more about the project, or to donate additional money to the cause, click the link below.

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Try it now for free

For Tenants and Contractors, Housters is free to use, permanently. For Landlords and Property Managers, both within the U.S. and abroad, we're currently offering Housters free of charge for 3 months. Sign up now and use all of the features without having to enter your credit card.

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